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Rental Retirement Forklifts…Good Idea To Purchase

One of the most economical ways to purchase a solid, good running forklift is purchase out of a dealerships rental fleet. There are a few reasons for this train of thought. Number one the price is normally one that is hard to pass up. This is especially true for start up companies. As well as users that do not put a lot of hours on their forklift. Number two these units have normally been well taken care of since they were brand new. 99% of our rental fleet is made up of units we purchased brand new from our manufacturer. Number three is you will typically be able to see the maintenance records on these unit as well.

Why tie up all of your spending capital in a brand lift or one that is late model? Look at rental retirements and save that cash for other expenditures!!

With that being said we have just pulled out of our rental fleet a 2007 Nissan CF60, Triple Stage Mast 187″, Integral Sideshifter, Comes With Fresh Paint, OEM Decals & New Black Traction Tires. Follow the link for pictures and more information!

If you are looking for new/used equipment, rentals, parts or service be sure to check out Forklift Systems! We offer the Advance Sweeper/Scrubber line, JLG aerial products and Cushman Industrial products as well.

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