Nissan Forklift User Friendly

Forklift Systems would like to tell you about a little change we have made to our used inventory online. When you click on our used inventory tab from the home page.

It will send you to our used inventory which you are now able to search by either cushion or pneumatic tire forklift. You no longer have to browse through inventory that is not suited for your application.

In the coming week we will be adding other catergories as well. So make sure you keep checking back to keep up with all of the changes!!!

As always if you are looking for material handling equipment, industrial sweepers, scrubbers, JLG or Cushman products be sure to check us out at


Nissan JC30LP Cushion Tire Forklift Now Available!!!

Come check out this excellent but inexpensive Nissan JC30, LPG, Cushion tire forklift!! This unit just became available so do not miss out on this great buy!

This unit would be a great starter forklift for a company. This forklift was purchased and maintained by Forklift Systems since it was new.

If this is not what you are looking for be sure to check out our website with new trucks, used trucks, rental, parts & service!!

24/7 Customer Service

Have you ever dealt with a company that offers 24/7 service but it seems like when you need them they are nowhere to be found? We ensure at Forklift Systems that our customer’s will never be treated in a manner such as this.
Our original owner Charles Hardy believes that if you are taking the time to call in and use our company as your service provider, then the least we can do is have a living person answer your call. Our President Duane Hardy has kept that belief alive today 34 years later. If you call Forklift Systems after hours or on the weekend you will still be greeted by a live person answering the phone. That person will then promptly call the appropriate department’s manager to relay the message.
We believe in giving great customer service not some of the time but every single time! We want our customers to feel like when they call us that they are the most important customer, because every customer IS our most important customer. We would not be able to sustain 34 years in business at the top of our profession without each and every one of our customer’s. One of the many ways we can let our customer’s know how much we appreciate them is by giving great customer service.
Our parts team, rental team, sales team, and most importantly our service team is available to give you great service 24/7 365. Give Forklift Systems a call now and be greeted by a live person!!
Our Tennessee Headquarters
Our Location: 884 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37210
Office Hour: 7:30am – 5:00pm (Mon-Fri) 24 Hour Emergency Service for current customers.
Our Alabama Location
Our Location: 132 West Park Drive, Birmingham, AL 35211
Office Hour: 7:30am – 5:00pm (Mon-Fri) 24 Hour Emergency Service for current customers.

Nissan PF60 Pneumatic LPG Forklift Now Available!!!

Come check out this late model Nissan forklift that just became available. This unit has brand new air pneumatic tires. Fresh Paint and reconditioned inside and out. The Nissan engine purrs like a kitten!! You will not find a nice pre-owned forklift on the market. As always Forklift Systems trys to ensure we sell nothing but the best and this unit definitely fits that mold!! Come check it out here and do not miss out on this great forklift.

Forklift Systems Inc: A Look Inside Our Company

I would like to take an opportunity in this blog to introduce you to our building and some of the many reasons Forklift Systems has been able to maintain customer relationships for 33+ years. We have a first class building designed to be functional for our many areas of expertise in the material handling industry. As you walk through our front doors you find yourself in our well-kept showroom and being greeted by a live receptionist who is more than happy to help direct you to the department that is needed with in our company.

Did you know Forklift Systems has many items on hand and in stock for your warehouse. Whether it be scrubbers, manual pallet jacks, carts or one of many other Allied items.

Leading off of our showroom floor is our designated shop area. Here we service and maintain our new, used, rental and customers fleet of material handling equipment. Our service technicians are factory trained and certified for Nissan forklifts. We also can and will service any make or model piece of equipment. We have a fully stocked parts department on site as well as countless numbers of years experience working on equipment. If you have electric, LPG, diesel, aerial equipment, personnel carts, sweepers, scrubbers it does not matter we have the skills to work on any & everything!

As you come through our shop and through our roll up door you come into our warehouse. In our warehouse you will find all of our new equipment, rentals and some overflow of used equipment. We keep over a million dollars of new inventory in stock at any given time. We have everything from cushions to pneumatics to electric, LPG’s and diesels. We also keep a wide variety of Cushman, JLG & Advance Sweeper/Scrubber products in inventory as well. Our rental dept and manager is bar none one of the best in the business. Mike Mosley has been with our company since 1980 and is now our Rental Manager/Vice President. If you are looking for something to rent he is your man!

All of these years of experience and excellent customer service has earned Forklift Systems Inc many awards in the material handling industry. Let us show you why we have been able to be successful in this industry for 33+ years. We are committed to your success as a company.

Forklift Systems Inc. Mission & Value Statement

Integrity-Doing what’s right.

Customer Centered-We succeed when you succeed.

Accountability-Taking personal responsibility.

Respect-Treating people with dignity.

Excellence-Insisting on quality.

Electric vs. Internal Combustion Forklifts

The material handling industry is always asked one question by customers. IC vs. Electric…which is better? There are a few things to consider when making your choice for your company. Is the forklift going to be used out more than 80% of the time? If the forklift will be then it only makes sense to go IC. #1 you do not have to worry about emissions the forklift is letting off if being used outside. #2 Electricity & water do not mix! Now that we have determined that outside use of a forklift should more times than not be handled by an IC truck let’s move inside.

When thinking of a forklift to be used indoors you will need to take into account how many shifts the forklift will be ran. Electric forklift batteries require an 8 hour charge followed by an 8 hour cool down before the battery can be used again for a 8 hour shift. If the forklift is going to be required to run more than one shift in a day then you will need to purchase an additional battery for each shift. When looking at the cost of a new battery, yes it is very expensive but when you look at it from the point of view that you are purchasing all of your fuel upfront then it makes it a little easier to comprehend. With the price of fuel going up the way it has you will almost always come out better when compared to purchasing fuel over the life of the battery. If you have multiple forklifts and batteries you will have the added expense of a charger and battery changing station. Obviously when working indoors with an electric forklift you do not have to worry about the emissions that you will need to take into account when purchasing IC. When looking at the total cost of ownership electric forklifts are less expensive to maintain over the life of the equipment.

I hope this has helped maybe answer some of the unknowns when deciding which fuel source to go with for your forklifts. As always it is best to get with a material handling expert who can weigh out the pros & cons for your specific company’s forklift needs. As always please contact for all of your material handling solutions.