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FSI’s Gary Schield Sales Achievement 2013

Gary Schield is our Territory Manager for Davidson County/Nashville at our corporate headquarters. This past year Gary hit a milestone with Forklift Systems when he sold over $2 million in equipment for the 2013 year.

Gary has been with FSI for the past 8 years and in the material handling industry since 1991. When asked what he enjoys the most about the material handling industry Gary said “helping people solve problems”. With over 2 million dollars in sales I would say Gary knows a thing or two about solving our customer’s problems.

In Gary’s spare time he enjoys working on and driving his 1961 Porsche 356B. Some of his other interests include listening to vinyl records on his sound system and working around his house.

Everyone at Forklift Systems congratulates Gary on a great year!

Gary Schield AwardGary Porsche


FLTA Awards for Excellence 2014 celebrates best of the best

Congratulations to all of the winners of these awards. I know being in this industry that these we all put in a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears to make our customer’s happy. When you receive recognition from your peers for a job well done it somehow makes it all worth while.

Great job to all of the worthy recipients!

FLTA Awards for Excellence 2014 celebrates best of the best.

FSI Completes State Of The Art Media Room

            Forklift Systems just completed the installation of a state of the art modular training facility at WWL Logistics inside the Nissan Motors Plant in Smyrna, TN. These units are manufactured by National Partitions. This unit is 36 x 24 x 12 tall. It was built using the optional Hush Core panels so that the room is virtually sound proof for training sessions. These prefabricated units are available in virtually any size or height and can be customized to the customers needs. This particular unit is equipped with 2 HVAC units that have Bluetooth connectivity so temperatures may be adjusted from any smart phone during a training session. This allows the temperatures to be changed in the room without interruption to anyone else.  The room has a Bose sound system in the ceiling, a wireless podium for presentations, a powered roll down screen and ceiling mounted projector

Beginning Construction

           Rear Side During Construction


Front Side Main Wall

Inside Finished

Installing Roof

Finishing Touches

This product is available with modular electrical wiring built right in at the factory.  These units can be one or two story and/or mezzanine supported. Doors, windows, electrical outlets, switches, data ports and phone jacks can be placed to custom needs so as to make  them as convenient and user friendly as possible. They can be open rooms or divided into multiple offices.

           Forklift Systems has done everything from a simple in plant office, to training rooms, to insulated refrigerated coolers for the beer industry. They are typically ready to ship from North Carolina within 30 days of the order. Installation is quick and easy due to the modular design. We have installation experts that can get it up and running in as little as 2 days for smaller units and usually within a week for larger units. They are available with non-structural or structural roofs so that he roof can be used for additional storage.  These units are also available for outdoor use such as a guard shacks or storage facilities.

Contact Forklift Systems for this and many other material handling needs. We have trained experts out in the field right now to help you with any problem in your facility.

Phone Support

New Client: (800) 752-1882
Customer Service: 752-1882
Main: TN (615) 255-6321
Main: AL (205) 945-1112
Fax: TN (615) 255-8242
Fax: AL (205) 945-8783

Fresh Out Of The Paint Shop!!

We just received back from our paint shop a 2007 Doosan GC15S-5 Series forklift. We have completely redone the forklift and it turned out looking great!

This particular units come with a Triple 83/187″ Mast, Sideshifter, New Black Traction Cushion Tires, Fresh Paint & OEM Decals, Rear Grab Bar W/ Horn Button and a Rear Worklight. Come check out this forklift here —>

To check out this great unit plus many more come check us out at The website is open 24/7/365.

Our Tennessee Headquarters

Our Location: 884 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37210
Office Hour: 7:30am – 5:00pm (Mon-Fri) 24 Hour Emergency Service for current customers.

Our Alabama Location

Our Location: 132 West Park Drive, Birmingham, AL 35211
Office Hour: 7:30am – 5:00pm (Mon-Fri) 24 Hour Emergency Service for current customers.

Happy New Year 2013!

I would just like to take a quick second and wish everyone a Happy New Year! In 2012 we saw the market rebound, businesses rebound, sales and profit rebound! Here is hoping we can build on the successes of 2012, learn from our misses and excel towards having a great 2013.

To our customers thank you for making us one of the top material handling dealerships in the nation. Without your loyalty and support we would not be here.

I am thankful for the new friends I have made on social media and we are looking forward to building even more new relationships for 2013.

Forklift Systems Inc. Going Green

In light of businesses going green Forklift Systems is proud to be doing our part. In the last year we initiated our paperless billing program. A good number of our customers have been participating with us in receiving their invoices by email.

Last week we teamed up with Future Vision Energy in retrofitting our building with low-wattage LED tube lights. We will be drastically reducing our carbon footprint.  Based on the TVA Energy Right Solution software FTE calculated we are currently using 139,037 KWh annually with our current lighting. After the project, our annual use will be reduced to 45,703 KWh. That is a 67% savings!!!

A recent report by McKinsey & Company states that making a switch from traditional lighting sources to LEDs is possibly the most cost-effective way to tackle global warming using existing technology.

On top of the energy we are saving the lights are having an impact on our work as well. The light emitted from these bulbs is a much cleaner white light. It has been a please change to come in to a well lit building ready to tackle the day.

We are in the process of making a short video to show the conversion from beginning to end. It truly is remarkable! I will post more information about that the closer we get to finishing up.

Rental Retirement Forklifts…Good Idea To Purchase

One of the most economical ways to purchase a solid, good running forklift is purchase out of a dealerships rental fleet. There are a few reasons for this train of thought. Number one the price is normally one that is hard to pass up. This is especially true for start up companies. As well as users that do not put a lot of hours on their forklift. Number two these units have normally been well taken care of since they were brand new. 99% of our rental fleet is made up of units we purchased brand new from our manufacturer. Number three is you will typically be able to see the maintenance records on these unit as well.

Why tie up all of your spending capital in a brand lift or one that is late model? Look at rental retirements and save that cash for other expenditures!!

With that being said we have just pulled out of our rental fleet a 2007 Nissan CF60, Triple Stage Mast 187″, Integral Sideshifter, Comes With Fresh Paint, OEM Decals & New Black Traction Tires. Follow the link for pictures and more information!

If you are looking for new/used equipment, rentals, parts or service be sure to check out Forklift Systems! We offer the Advance Sweeper/Scrubber line, JLG aerial products and Cushman Industrial products as well.

Give us a call toll free at 1- 800-752-1882

24/7 Customer Service

Have you ever dealt with a company that offers 24/7 service but it seems like when you need them they are nowhere to be found? We ensure at Forklift Systems that our customer’s will never be treated in a manner such as this.
Our original owner Charles Hardy believes that if you are taking the time to call in and use our company as your service provider, then the least we can do is have a living person answer your call. Our President Duane Hardy has kept that belief alive today 34 years later. If you call Forklift Systems after hours or on the weekend you will still be greeted by a live person answering the phone. That person will then promptly call the appropriate department’s manager to relay the message.
We believe in giving great customer service not some of the time but every single time! We want our customers to feel like when they call us that they are the most important customer, because every customer IS our most important customer. We would not be able to sustain 34 years in business at the top of our profession without each and every one of our customer’s. One of the many ways we can let our customer’s know how much we appreciate them is by giving great customer service.
Our parts team, rental team, sales team, and most importantly our service team is available to give you great service 24/7 365. Give Forklift Systems a call now and be greeted by a live person!!
Our Tennessee Headquarters
Our Location: 884 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37210
Office Hour: 7:30am – 5:00pm (Mon-Fri) 24 Hour Emergency Service for current customers.
Our Alabama Location
Our Location: 132 West Park Drive, Birmingham, AL 35211
Office Hour: 7:30am – 5:00pm (Mon-Fri) 24 Hour Emergency Service for current customers.

JLG 2630ES Narrow Scissorlift Available

We have just received in a 2005 JLG 2630ES Narrow Scissorlift. The unit has 26′ platform height with a 32′ working height. It only has 313 hours run time which is very low. It will have new rubber all the way around and fresh paint with all safety decals. Be sure to check out all of our forklifts @

Forklift Systems Inc: A Look Inside Our Company

I would like to take an opportunity in this blog to introduce you to our building and some of the many reasons Forklift Systems has been able to maintain customer relationships for 33+ years. We have a first class building designed to be functional for our many areas of expertise in the material handling industry. As you walk through our front doors you find yourself in our well-kept showroom and being greeted by a live receptionist who is more than happy to help direct you to the department that is needed with in our company.

Did you know Forklift Systems has many items on hand and in stock for your warehouse. Whether it be scrubbers, manual pallet jacks, carts or one of many other Allied items.

Leading off of our showroom floor is our designated shop area. Here we service and maintain our new, used, rental and customers fleet of material handling equipment. Our service technicians are factory trained and certified for Nissan forklifts. We also can and will service any make or model piece of equipment. We have a fully stocked parts department on site as well as countless numbers of years experience working on equipment. If you have electric, LPG, diesel, aerial equipment, personnel carts, sweepers, scrubbers it does not matter we have the skills to work on any & everything!

As you come through our shop and through our roll up door you come into our warehouse. In our warehouse you will find all of our new equipment, rentals and some overflow of used equipment. We keep over a million dollars of new inventory in stock at any given time. We have everything from cushions to pneumatics to electric, LPG’s and diesels. We also keep a wide variety of Cushman, JLG & Advance Sweeper/Scrubber products in inventory as well. Our rental dept and manager is bar none one of the best in the business. Mike Mosley has been with our company since 1980 and is now our Rental Manager/Vice President. If you are looking for something to rent he is your man!

All of these years of experience and excellent customer service has earned Forklift Systems Inc many awards in the material handling industry. Let us show you why we have been able to be successful in this industry for 33+ years. We are committed to your success as a company.

Forklift Systems Inc. Mission & Value Statement

Integrity-Doing what’s right.

Customer Centered-We succeed when you succeed.

Accountability-Taking personal responsibility.

Respect-Treating people with dignity.

Excellence-Insisting on quality.