FSI Donates Forklift To Feeding Children Everywhere Organization

I recently took a call here in our Nashville office from an event organizer with Feeding Children Everywhere. This great organization needed a forklift and in a hurry. Our President, Duane Hardy, immediately stepped up and offered to donate a rental forklift to them for the day. The forklift was needed to load all of the donated canned foods that were supplied over the weekend.

I write this blog not to draw attention to ourselves but to bring light to Feeding Children Everywhere. For all of the bad in this world there is still a lot of good people who donate their time to help end hunger to children all over this planet. These are the people who should be applauded.

We thank you Feeding Children Everywhere for allowing FSI to have some very small part in your event. You can check out their website here…..

Picture below is FSI unloading the forklift.

Forklift Unloading

Feeding Children Everywhere grabbing the first pallet to of donation items onto the tractor trailer

Forklift With Load

Tractor trailer full of donated item

Truck Loaded