FSI At Nashville Auto Diesel College Job Fair

Every year our local Nashville Auto Diesel College has a job fair for their graduating classes. We have been able to participate the last 3 years. The college has courses that run from diesel engine, industrial equipment to high performance engines. It really has been a great source for us in finding quality technicians eager to learn our business and about forklifts!

Pictured below is a picture of the booth we had set up.

NADC Job Fair Booth


FSI Donates Forklift To Feeding Children Everywhere Organization

I recently took a call here in our Nashville office from an event organizer with Feeding Children Everywhere. This great organization needed a forklift and in a hurry. Our President, Duane Hardy, immediately stepped up and offered to donate a rental forklift to them for the day. The forklift was needed to load all of the donated canned foods that were supplied over the weekend.

I write this blog not to draw attention to ourselves but to bring light to Feeding Children Everywhere. For all of the bad in this world there is still a lot of good people who donate their time to help end hunger to children all over this planet. These are the people who should be applauded.

We thank you Feeding Children Everywhere for allowing FSI to have some very small part in your event. You can check out their website here…..

Picture below is FSI unloading the forklift.

Forklift Unloading

Feeding Children Everywhere grabbing the first pallet to of donation items onto the tractor trailer

Forklift With Load

Tractor trailer full of donated item

Truck Loaded


New Things On The Horizon

I want to write a quick blog about some things going on here at Forklift Systems, Inc. We have recently purchased new Nissan high top vans for our techs. Currently we have two of these out on the road. We decided to totally redesign our decals in the process. New Nissan VanWe really though it turned out looking great! And don’t worry the back door is not open that is the decal!

FSI is currently in the process of redesigning our entire website. We believe the new site will be more user friendly as well as mobile friendly! Did you know that 72% of internet users want mobile sites. That is a staggering statistic and something we want to stay in front of. With advent of smart phones, Ipads and tablets more and more people are accessing websites through these devices. Look for this to be up and running by the end of Fall!

Our President, Duane Hardy, is focused on making Forklift Systems the most efficient material handling provider in the country. We hope to always meet your needs and solve your material handling problems. FSI has a saying “let us worry about your material handling  so you can focus on what makes you money”. We strive to do this everyday!

Our Tennessee Headquarters

Our Location: 884 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37210
Office Hour: 7:30am – 5:00pm (Mon-Fri) 24 Hour Emergency Service for current customers.

Our Alabama Location

Our Location: 132 West Park Drive, Birmingham, AL 35211
Office Hour: 7:30am – 5:00pm (Mon-Fri) 24 Hour Emergency Service for current customers.


Happy New Year 2013!

I would just like to take a quick second and wish everyone a Happy New Year! In 2012 we saw the market rebound, businesses rebound, sales and profit rebound! Here is hoping we can build on the successes of 2012, learn from our misses and excel towards having a great 2013.

To our customers thank you for making us one of the top material handling dealerships in the nation. Without your loyalty and support we would not be here.

I am thankful for the new friends I have made on social media and we are looking forward to building even more new relationships for 2013.

Rental Retirement Forklifts…Good Idea To Purchase

One of the most economical ways to purchase a solid, good running forklift is purchase out of a dealerships rental fleet. There are a few reasons for this train of thought. Number one the price is normally one that is hard to pass up. This is especially true for start up companies. As well as users that do not put a lot of hours on their forklift. Number two these units have normally been well taken care of since they were brand new. 99% of our rental fleet is made up of units we purchased brand new from our manufacturer. Number three is you will typically be able to see the maintenance records on these unit as well.

Why tie up all of your spending capital in a brand lift or one that is late model? Look at rental retirements and save that cash for other expenditures!!

With that being said we have just pulled out of our rental fleet a 2007 Nissan CF60, Triple Stage Mast 187″, Integral Sideshifter, Comes With Fresh Paint, OEM Decals & New Black Traction Tires. Follow the link for pictures and more information!

If you are looking for new/used equipment, rentals, parts or service be sure to check out Forklift Systems! We offer the Advance Sweeper/Scrubber line, JLG aerial products and Cushman Industrial products as well.

Give us a call toll free at 1- 800-752-1882 User Friendly

Forklift Systems would like to tell you about a little change we have made to our used inventory online. When you click on our used inventory tab from the home page.

It will send you to our used inventory which you are now able to search by either cushion or pneumatic tire forklift. You no longer have to browse through inventory that is not suited for your application.

In the coming week we will be adding other catergories as well. So make sure you keep checking back to keep up with all of the changes!!!

As always if you are looking for material handling equipment, industrial sweepers, scrubbers, JLG or Cushman products be sure to check us out at


24/7 Customer Service

Have you ever dealt with a company that offers 24/7 service but it seems like when you need them they are nowhere to be found? We ensure at Forklift Systems that our customer’s will never be treated in a manner such as this.
Our original owner Charles Hardy believes that if you are taking the time to call in and use our company as your service provider, then the least we can do is have a living person answer your call. Our President Duane Hardy has kept that belief alive today 34 years later. If you call Forklift Systems after hours or on the weekend you will still be greeted by a live person answering the phone. That person will then promptly call the appropriate department’s manager to relay the message.
We believe in giving great customer service not some of the time but every single time! We want our customers to feel like when they call us that they are the most important customer, because every customer IS our most important customer. We would not be able to sustain 34 years in business at the top of our profession without each and every one of our customer’s. One of the many ways we can let our customer’s know how much we appreciate them is by giving great customer service.
Our parts team, rental team, sales team, and most importantly our service team is available to give you great service 24/7 365. Give Forklift Systems a call now and be greeted by a live person!!
Our Tennessee Headquarters
Our Location: 884 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37210
Office Hour: 7:30am – 5:00pm (Mon-Fri) 24 Hour Emergency Service for current customers.
Our Alabama Location
Our Location: 132 West Park Drive, Birmingham, AL 35211
Office Hour: 7:30am – 5:00pm (Mon-Fri) 24 Hour Emergency Service for current customers.

Happy New Year!!

Just a quick blog to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! We here at Forklift Systems Inc. wish everyone a very prosperous and healthy new year. If we have done business with each other we hope to continue to earn that trust and business everyday throughout 2012. If you have not found out yet why Forklift Systems Inc. has been operating at the top of our industry for the last 33+ years then we hope in 2012 you will give us the opportunity to show you.

We had a great 2011 and we could not have done it without our valued customers, partners and vendors! We greatly appreciate the relationships we have cultivated and will strive to keep these relationships going strong in 2012.

At Forklift Systems we believe our employees are some if not all of the best employees in our industry (I am a little biased I know). We want to thank each and everyone of our employees for continuing to make us one of the best dealerships in the country. We cannot do it without each and everyone of you and for that we are grateful!

HAPPY 2012 EVERYONE!!!!!! Thank you for your continued support!

Forklift Safety

I was sitting here thinking about Thanksgiving and the Christmas season coming up and it made me realize that there will be people not able to be with us because forklift accidents in business places. Every year, OSHA states that there are over 90,000 forklift incidents, with around 100 of those fatalities, many of those preventable with proper safety precautions. That is a staggering statistic to me….90,000 is a large number!!!! Add to that 100 persons lives lost because of being unsafe and that is absolutely mind blowing. So how can we prevent them?? Well I think #1 has to be using common sense and safe practices. Chances are if it looks unsafe it probably is and should be avoided at all costs! Operators should be trained on every piece of equipment they operate. This training should be updated every three years. When using aerial equipment all safety harnesses should be intact, in use and inspected every time aerial equipment is used. I want us all to enjoy this holiday season so please be safe out there! Remember if you see an unsafe act in a workplace report it to your safety engineer, plant manager or immediate supervisor! If you or your company is interested in operator training give us a call @ 1-800-752-1882 or visit us online @ 

Getting Your Forklift & Driver Ready For Winter

When thinking about preparing your forklift & driver for winter what is the first thing that pops into most peoples head? Warmer clothes is what most people might think but there are so many more.

First be sure to have your forklift checked out for any maintenance issues that may be lingering from the hot temperatures. The cold weather can and will wreak havoc on your forklift especially if it is not being maintained correctly. Ensure the oil is being changed every 150-200 run time hours and that the zerk fittings are being greased. I would have a qualified technician check the strength of your battery before it the freezing temperatures hit. This will only take a few minutes but could save you quite a bit of downtime in the future. Maybe even most important have a technician check and winterize your cooling system. Adjust the water to coolant ratio to ensure that freezing of the system does not happen. Freezing of your coolant system can lead to busted radiators and worse even cracked blocks and heads. This is a costly repair that can always be avoided.

Now what about your driver in winter conditions. Make sure he is first and foremost properly trained to operate a forklift in wet & icy conditions. Ensure the driver is making daily inspections of the forklift checking its vital components such as batteries, electrical system and hydraulics. Having your warehouse manager oversee housekeeping around the docks, shipping & receiving areas as well as pathways the forklifts will travel can pay great dividends in the safe operation of your forklift.

As always if you need any of the a fore mentioned items done then look no further than for all of your material handling needs.