Advance Sweeper/Scrubbers

Quality Pre-Owned Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment

When people look at or hear about Forklift Systems Inc. the firstĀ  and sometimes only thing that pops into their minds is forklift. This can be one drawback of having the word “forklift” in your company name. But did you know Forklift Systems actually offers so much more than just forklifts. Yes it is true we have one of the Top 9 dealerships according to Unicarriers Corporation (formerly Nissan Forkifts North America). We also carry the JLG aerial products, Cushman industrial vehicles and Advance industrial floor cleaning lines. The last one Advance is the one I want to talk about today.

The Advance mission statement is “”We enable sustainable cleaning worldwide to improve quality of life”. The products they manufactur are some of the best in this field. Whether your facility has strict hard floor sanitation and disinfection requirements, or carpeted areas that suffer from increased wear and tear from foot traffic, there is an Advance equipment solution for each unique application. The great thing about dealing with Forklift Systems is we can provide a complete all of these products to you at a very competitive price.

Forklift Systems stand behinds the Advance product lines so much that we offer factory reconditioned units. We also offer in house reconditioned and “as/is” Advance floor cleaning products as well.

So next time when you hear about Forklift Systems just remember we can do anything and everything to solve a problem in your business. We take care of your material handling problems so that you can focus your time and energy on whatever it is that makes your company money!

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Pre-Owned Industrial Sweeper/Scrubbers

Have you had a hard time finding quality pre-owned sweeper and scrubbers to purchase? If you have no fear because everyone does!

A lot of times when you deal with used sweeper/scrubbers the units have been literally put through the ringer! Most end users want to get the full life out of their investment before the customer will even consider purchasing another new one. Buyers must really inspect the equipment they are purchasing to ensure it has been properly reconditioned.

Some items to ask the selling dealer would be…..have the batteries been replaced? New squeegees? Brushes replaced? Motors checked? Hoses replaced? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Always ask for a demo of the unit as well. You will be able to ensure that what you are purchasing will do the job that you need done.

If you happen to read this and are looking for sweeper/scrubbers then be sure to check us out! We have factory reconditioned scrubbers!