Stick to the Basics!

Great article on forklift maintenance. Remember to always start with the basics!

Forklift Central

This week I had a call from a customer that wanted me to “get rid of the airlock in his coolant system, and replace the bad battery”.

I did neither.

The forklift was a small Cat 6000 diesel, and had suddenly started overheating. They “saved money” by “diagnosing” it themselves and replacing their thermostat. (Like stories of misguided”savings”? Read this and this) Coincidentally, their battery ” went bad” at the same time.

I decided to ignore the diagnosis and checked the basics. A broken belt turned out to be the cause. Alternators and water pumps perform poorly when not connected to the engine!

broken beltIt was a good reminder: Stick to the basics!

As much as we might laugh at the previous example, if I am honest, I would have to admit I have made similar mistakes before.

I recall a customer with a Crown WAV that wouldn’t power up…

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