FSI Completes State Of The Art Media Room

            Forklift Systems just completed the installation of a state of the art modular training facility at WWL Logistics inside the Nissan Motors Plant in Smyrna, TN. These units are manufactured by National Partitions. This unit is 36 x 24 x 12 tall. It was built using the optional Hush Core panels so that the room is virtually sound proof for training sessions. These prefabricated units are available in virtually any size or height and can be customized to the customers needs. This particular unit is equipped with 2 HVAC units that have Bluetooth connectivity so temperatures may be adjusted from any smart phone during a training session. This allows the temperatures to be changed in the room without interruption to anyone else.  The room has a Bose sound system in the ceiling, a wireless podium for presentations, a powered roll down screen and ceiling mounted projector

Beginning Construction

           Rear Side During Construction


Front Side Main Wall

Inside Finished

Installing Roof

Finishing Touches

This product is available with modular electrical wiring built right in at the factory.  These units can be one or two story and/or mezzanine supported. Doors, windows, electrical outlets, switches, data ports and phone jacks can be placed to custom needs so as to make  them as convenient and user friendly as possible. They can be open rooms or divided into multiple offices.

           Forklift Systems has done everything from a simple in plant office, to training rooms, to insulated refrigerated coolers for the beer industry. They are typically ready to ship from North Carolina within 30 days of the order. Installation is quick and easy due to the modular design. We have installation experts that can get it up and running in as little as 2 days for smaller units and usually within a week for larger units. They are available with non-structural or structural roofs so that he roof can be used for additional storage.  These units are also available for outdoor use such as a guard shacks or storage facilities.

Contact Forklift Systems for this and many other material handling needs. We have trained experts out in the field right now to help you with any problem in your facility.

Phone Support

New Client: (800) 752-1882
Customer Service: 752-1882
Main: TN (615) 255-6321
Main: AL (205) 945-1112
Fax: TN (615) 255-8242
Fax: AL (205) 945-8783

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