Forklift Systems Inc. Going Green

In light of businesses going green Forklift Systems is proud to be doing our part. In the last year we initiated our paperless billing program. A good number of our customers have been participating with us in receiving their invoices by email.

Last week we teamed up with Future Vision Energy in retrofitting our building with low-wattage LED tube lights. We will be drastically reducing our carbon footprint.  Based on the TVA Energy Right Solution software FTE calculated we are currently using 139,037 KWh annually with our current lighting. After the project, our annual use will be reduced to 45,703 KWh. That is a 67% savings!!!

A recent report by McKinsey & Company states that making a switch from traditional lighting sources to LEDs is possibly the most cost-effective way to tackle global warming using existing technology.

On top of the energy we are saving the lights are having an impact on our work as well. The light emitted from these bulbs is a much cleaner white light. It has been a please change to come in to a well lit building ready to tackle the day.

We are in the process of making a short video to show the conversion from beginning to end. It truly is remarkable! I will post more information about that the closer we get to finishing up.

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