Getting Your Forklift & Driver Ready For Winter

When thinking about preparing your forklift & driver for winter what is the first thing that pops into most peoples head? Warmer clothes is what most people might think but there are so many more.

First be sure to have your forklift checked out for any maintenance issues that may be lingering from the hot temperatures. The cold weather can and will wreak havoc on your forklift especially if it is not being maintained correctly. Ensure the oil is being changed every 150-200 run time hours and that the zerk fittings are being greased. I would have a qualified technician check the strength of your battery before it the freezing temperatures hit. This will only take a few minutes but could save you quite a bit of downtime in the future. Maybe even most important have a technician check and winterize your cooling system. Adjust the water to coolant ratio to ensure that freezing of the system does not happen. Freezing of your coolant system can lead to busted radiators and worse even cracked blocks and heads. This is a costly repair that can always be avoided.

Now what about your driver in winter conditions. Make sure he is first and foremost properly trained to operate a forklift in wet & icy conditions. Ensure the driver is making daily inspections of the forklift checking its vital components such as batteries, electrical system and hydraulics. Having your warehouse manager oversee housekeeping around the docks, shipping & receiving areas as well as pathways the forklifts will travel can pay great dividends in the safe operation of your forklift.

As always if you need any of the a fore mentioned items done then look no further than for all of your material handling needs.

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