What is The Difference Between Cushion & Pneumatic Forklifts?

Cushion Tire Forklift

A cushion tire forklift is used mainly indoors. These type of forklifts can be used outside on concrete or asphalt but it is not recommended for long periods of time. The asphalt will eat up the tires which can be very costly. These units can go in and out of trailers with no problem.
This type of forklift is a pneumatic type forklift. These forklifts can have air pneumatic, solid pneumatic or foam filled pneumatic tires. Pneumatic forklifts are used for outdoor use. These units will typically be able to drive on gravel and other type terrain. When choosing what type of pneumatic tire you need just remember that with air tires you run the risk of flats which causes down time and usually lost productivity. Always discuss the application the forklift will be used in with your material handling professional to determine which type forklift you need. As always if you are looking for either type contact http://www.forkliftsystems.com for all of your material handling needs.


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